Tohoku and Ueno, El Instante Hoshikuzu Yatai

Events on Sep. 30 (Sun.) have been caceled.

Ueno has been the gateway to Tohoku for many years. Recalling its history, we create a meeting place by introducing José María SICILIA’s activities in Tohoku, which have been ongoing since the Great East Japan Earthquake, for people who experienced the disaster and people who visit Ueno Park.

No reservation required


Sep. 28 (Fri.)- Sep. 30 (Sun.), 2018


10:00 – 17:00


Ueno Park (Fountain Square)

Supported by El Instante Foundation.
In association with Iwate Prefecture.
Sponsored by IKEX Industry Co.,Ltd. SOLCION

Video Projection

Sep. 28 (Fri.) – Sep. 30 (Sun.)
*No reservation

Performance: Reminding Future

Imagine the Great East Japan Earthquake and form plasticized Wagashi, Japanese sweets Nerikiri, with paper clay.

Sep. 28 (Fri.) – Sep. 30 (Sun.)
10:00−11:30 / 15:00−16:00
*No reservation. On first-come–first-served basis.

Exhibition: The madness of Seeing – Digesting the Memories of Disaster

Professional confectioners in Ueno make Nerikiri: Japanese sweet, with Sicilia’s molds by adding their feeling for the disaster. The Nerikiris are exhibited and served to audiences at the end of the exhibition.

Sep. 28 (Fri.) – Sep. 30 (Sun.)
*No reservation.
*Free access for exhibition, tasting on first-come-first-served basis.

Public Talk

1st session: Conversation with José María Sicilia

Sep. 29 (Sat.) 13:00-14:00

Interviewer: Aomi OKABE (Director of the International Division of “Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture”)

2nd session: Conversation with organizers of Sicilia’s workshop

Sep. 30 (Sun.) 13:00-14:00

Talk Guests: Masakatsu ONO (President of NPO Iwate Future Organization), Shuko SHIMAGUCHI (chief administrator of NPO Iwate Future Organization)
Interviewer: Aomi OKABE (Director of the International Division of “Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture”)

*Both talk sessions require no reservation and welcome all visitors.

Please note that the event may be relocated or canceled in case of rainy or stormy weather.
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